(Re)Learning C

I've spent the day skimming over I've currently only half written but covers all the basics including things like using valgrind, writing complete programs and obviously all the basic language constructs. It was a useful refresher and I would recommend it. I certainly think it has a lot more depth than I've had time to get out of it but it has still server as a great refresher/overview.

I've started looking at the librailfare code with my newly refreshed C knowledge. My previous aspirations for improving my Vim skills have gone out the window. I've been happily using Vim for the learncodethehard way examples but once I started wanting to poke round a multi-file project, I reached for trusty Eclipse. The CDT looks a lot more polished than when I last looked at it a few years ago and coupled with Msys and MiniGW I'm happily navigating my way around the code using familiar key bindings!

I've got librailfare compiled and running on linux (Ubuntu). I had to install the C Minimal Perfect Hashing libs. But I can't get it compiling on Windows yet - I need to work out how to compile the CMPH libs on windows first.

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