Getting rid of the on behalf of Tom Denham [] message when using your own domain with Gmail.

If you have your own domain but use for your email, you might have tried to use the "Send mail as:" feature in GMail to have your outgoing mail appear to be from your own domain without needing to pay Google.

This approach generally works well, with one exception. Some mail client (the biggest example being Outlook) will display that the mail is from your Gmail address. on behalf of Tom Denham []

Google do offer a way around this (without paying), but you need an SMTP server. I didn't fancy setting up my own and after hunting around I couldn't find any cheap SMTP servers that directly meet this use case.

Finally, a few days ago I came across Although it's aimed at "transactional email for webapps" it supports authenticated SMTP and they even give you 10,000 email credits for free when you sign up. Since these credit never expire, and I'm unlikely to send 10,000 emails in the foreseeable future, I'm hoping that this service will be free for life!

I've been using it for a few days now and I've not had any problems. It was quick and easy to sign up (no credit card details required) and the Gmail config is straight forward.

Simply edit your Gmail settings and use the following information (get the username and password from your PostMark account - use a server API key for both - not the main account API key)

Example gmail config
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