Getting started with USR-HTW temperature/humidity sensor.

I've always wanted an easy solution for logging temperature and humidity in my house. I've messed around in the past with Arduino and Raspberry Pi based solutions, but inspired by a recent post on Hackaday I finally took the easy option and bought a WIFI enabled sensor. The hackaday post refers to a blog post detailing the simple communication protocol that the unit uses which seemed perfect for rolling my own simple data logging solution.

I ordered a unit off eBay and it arrived from China only a week later. Powering it up was a breeze (I used a standard wall wart power supply that I had knocking around) but connecting it to my network took a bit longer because of the flakey web UI that the unit has. It acts as an access point, so I could connect to it to give it my WIFI network credentials. Unfortunately it doesn't cope well with SSIDs that have spaces in them. I took this opportunity to set up another DMZ guest network on my router and once that was working everything connected fine.

I cribbed the code from the OzoneJunkie blog post but changed it to not rely on NumPy. The code is available on GitHub.


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